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The Intruders (2015) Watch Online Full Movie Free

  • Year: 2015
  • Country: Canada
  • Category: Thriller
  • Director: Adam Massey
  • Cast: Miranda Cosgrove, Donal Logue, Austin Butler, Tom Sizemore, Jenessa Grant, Michael Luckett
  • Total viewed: 560
Plot: Watch The Intruders (2015) online full movie free: The disturbed twenty year-old Rose Halshford moves with her father, the architect Jerry Halshford, to an old house after the loss of her mother. Soon Rose meets her next door neighbor Leila Markby and she learns about the tragic disappearance of the teenager Rachel that was sheltered by the previous owner of her house, Cheri Garrison and her son Marcus. Rose suspects of Leila's father Howard Markby and she also learns that he had been the prime suspect of the police but proved his innocence. Rose overhears noises in the house but her father believes she is still traumatized by the loss of her mother. Rose also dates the constructor Noah Henry that is refurbishing the house. When strange events happen in the house, Jerry believes Rose is the responsible. Is his daughter really paranoid?
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Watch The Intruders (2015) full movie online hd free

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Reviews to The Intruders (2015) full movie online free (1)
13 February 2016 20:30 Admin
The teenage girl very difficult endures tragic death of the mother. This loss gnaws it from within. Only one father is engaged in education of the young heroine now. Together they move to the new house. Both the daughter, and the father hope that here at them it will turn out to reconcile to loss and to begin new happy life. However in this house something not so... And it is noticed only by the girl. Passes a little time and suspicions only amplify. The young girl finds out that except her and the father, still someone is in their house. It to death is frightened because of it. The girl makes the decision as much as possible to learn about this mysterious house and its last inhabitants. But the further the young heroine in the investigation moves ahead, the more troubles drop out on her destiny. To it continually there are terrible things. It is threatened by danger with the price in life, but nobody trusts it. Even father.
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