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A Long Way Down (2014) Watch Online Full Movie Free

  • Year: 2014
  • Country: UK, Germany
  • Category: Comedy / Drama
  • Director: Pascal Chaumeil
  • Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots, Aaron Paul, Rosamund Pike
  • Total viewed: 978
Plot: Watch A Long Way Down (2014) online full movie free: On New Year's Eve in London, four strangers find themselves on the roof of a building known for suicides. Martin is a famous talk show host just out of jail, Maureen is a lonely single mother, Jess is young, reckless and heartbroken, and JJ is an American realizing the failures in his life. Through mutual pain and humour, this unlikely group take the long way down and figure out what will keep them alive until Valentine's Day, one step at a time.
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17 February 2016 17:41 A Long Way Down
Once the main character - Martin, got to very unpleasant life situation when entered into the relations with the minor girl. When this news began to bypass its native and familiar, they began to turn away from it. For few months it lost all the friends, the family, him discharged from office and anybody didn't communicate with it any more. Martin was brought to a side of despair and on the eve of new year decided to reduce scores with such worthless life. A way he chose quite good - to jump from a roof of the multystoried building. When he got on the latest floor, he saw three more poor fellows who found in the same situation. The young courier the loser - Jay, the very young girl - Jess who was thrown by the guy, and quite wealthy mature woman - Moraines. All of them are united by that don't want to live more in this mean world and decided to commit suicide. But after acquaintance all of them discussed and decided to postpone them the last day, at least until St. Valentine's Day. Whether will carry to heroes to the appointed date?
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